In Finding Heartstone, Cathy Sosnowky has created a wonderful book; a beautifully written, brutally honest, and somewhat reluctant love letter to her damaged family, set on a little-known emerald island along BC’s inner coast.

Finding Heartstone is an ocean-bound family saga that ebbs and flows with themes of deep love and unimaginable loss. Woven throughout this amazing story of hippie idealism and family bonds, are curious and terrifying tales: a squatter hermit, a cougar attack, a prison sentence, and the building of a dream to quell a nightmare.

By the end of this heart-wrenching tale, you’ll long for your own little place in the wilderness, and have a serious hankering for Hemming Bay fish and chips. Luckily for you, the secret to that dish, along with many others, are scattered throughout this unbelievably true family saga, like the seashells on the rocky shores of East Thurlow Island.

– Grant Lawrence, author, Adventures in Solitude